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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 8, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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morning. you can see them on the top of the screen and >> for more let's check in with gwen tolbert in for tucker barnes in morning. >> reporter: finally getting a break in the district and most of the show has moved out. look at the radar. max hd live live doppler radar showing not a lot hanging around. more to the southwest and the east over delmarva. other than that things have greatly improve. a look at true view. this will show you the big picture of things as precipitation moves to the south and east of delmarva. we are seeing rain now. look at the maps. the advisory area improved, as well. to areas of the southeast, we have an advisory in affect. one to two inches of snow there and to areas in the west, high land, panhandleton county, for example, one to three inches of snowfall there over the course
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of the next few hours and one to two tonight in the advisory area. for the warning area, they could see up to seven inches of snowfall. that is until 1:00 on saturday. as far as our tempatures are concerned currently, we've got, let's see, 30 at dc. 27 baltimore. 27 to the north in frederick. it is chilly out there with the wet spots out there. be aware we definitely could see some ice along the mid- atlantic. those temperatures are on the low side, as well. we'll see sunshine by this afternoon but gusty winds. my advice is bundle up. allison, tony. >> thank you. our top story from virginia to the district and in maryland people are waking up to snow- covered lawns and driveways. >> most major arteries are clear. traffic is moving well. sherri li has been out all morning and s in great falls with more. how's it looking. >> pretty good out here.
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we have an inch, an inch and a half of snow on the ground. it is not an exact science but what we can tell. the roads look pretty good. things look pretty clear. the traffic seems to be moving pretty well, but it is over on the side roads where we see problems. take a look. this road has not been cleared and down below here this is all ice. people hit the roads earlier this morning during rush hour with few problems. in virginia major roads and highways were plowed and salted. however, many side roads and neighborhoods are difficult to navigate. beneath the snow it is all ice making conditions dicey. school buses headed out to pick up gets getting a late start. road crews were out through the night pretreating and salting the roads. it's not a lot of snow but enough to make getting to work difficult. >> neighborhoods haven't been
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treated yet. main roads are fine. >> it is pretty good. traffic has been mild. gave us a chance to put a little more salt down. >> reporter: vdot says they have not seen a lot of major trouble spots here in northern virginia but said that drivers have to be cautious for black ice out there because the roads are very, very cold, and it's possible some areas could freeze back up. the other problem, as you noticed, it is getting windy out here and they say all of the snow could blow back to the roads and cause drivers more problems. they have road crews that will be out here throughout the damon toring the situation, treating trouble spots. as far as the neighborhoods go, vdot tells me the policy is they do not plow or put dirt down in those neighborhoods unless there is two inches of snow and in most areas we have not seen that. so you may not see any plows
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coming through your area unless you have some hilly areas or curves that would be aproblem. back to you. >> earlier this morning many streets were slick and dangerous. check out this scene in ken sing tong. an suv flipped on its side around 7:00 this morning. they say the driver was likely going too fast for the conditions. we don't have any information on the driver's condition. robert gates is keeping his job for another year. they agreed he would remain through the end of the year. the president kept him on the white house staff after winning the presidency in 2008. the suspect in the christmas day terrorist plot is due in a michigan courtroom later today to face charges. meanwhile the president says the buck stops with him. after a narrowly diverted
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disaster on christmas day he is calling for changes in airline security and a revamp of the intelligence agencies. doug luzader has the story this morning on captiol hill. >> reporter: the first white house report on that christmas taylor plot is now out. the wording is rather blunt. u.s. intelligence agencies simply did not connect the dots. the president finally emerged to talk about the report more than three hours late because it was being meticulously scrubbed for information. >> as president i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and the people. >> no single person he said is to blame for the failures. the man who is accused of almost pulling off the bomb plot abdulmutallab is being arraigned today in detroit on a litany of charges. he fell through the cracks, the report says, even though analysts at the cia and the national counterterrorism center had all of the
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information they needed. however, in both cases, it says, the mission to connect the dots did not produce the results that in hindsight it could have. >> reporter: it calls for more accountability for analts to follow leads. a more effective watch list system to single out potential terrorists, more sky marshalls and full body scanners and it won't stop there. >> it is explosive detection technology. it is k nine and increased use of k-9s and behavior detection officers. >> and the president had tough talk. we have at war. we are at war against al-qaeda, a far reaching violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11 and killed 3,000 innocent people and is plotting to strike us again. >> reporter: that was a line almost surely aimed at conservative critics who say the administration has not made fighting terror a top priority. in washington, doug luzader, fox 5 news. the plan by the obama
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administration for widespread use of body scanners is ruffling feathers in europe. they are divided of the use of the scanners. they are announcing plans to install the scanning devices but spain, belgium and germany argue there is enough security already at european airports. the european uni says it may force them to use those scanning machines. surveillance video shows a guard walking away from his post for an inknown reason and then a woman on the secure side of the rope motions for the man to sneak through. it turns out the couple wanted a few more moments together. it touched off a terminal shut down and delayed flights for hours and the man was never identified. one local county is celebrang the lowest crime rate since president ford was in office. overall crime in prince georges county was down 12%, the lowest since ' 75. one of the biggest reductions
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was in the homicide rate, down 21% from 2008 and the homicide closure rate was up to 79%. dc police chief kathy lanier says investigators hope to wrap up their review of a detective who pulled his gun on a crowd at a snowball fight. the video was all over the web of course. the union said the chief jumped to conclusions and should have waited until the end of the investigation but the chief said she still feels the same way. >> i was asked to comment on the conduct of a police officer in a video that i saw and i made a comment on that and i stand by that comment. from what i saw in the video, the detectives behavior was inappropriate. and i have gotten calls on both sides. >> reporter: the investigation should wrap up in a week or so. for now the detective, a 25 year veteran is on desk duty. first service cuts and now
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fare hikes. metro proposes ways to save its budget. the agency is considering an emergency fare hike up to 20 cents a trip for rails and buses. other options include taking eight car trains out of service, longer waits at night or closing some entrances. they want hearings on the proposal and they are set to begin this month. fairfax county schools are making major cuts including 594 job cuts and one more student per classroom, increasing the class size. no salary increase for employees for the second year, elimination of all high school freshman sports, and that's part of it. public hearings are january 25th and 26th. those are deep cuts. >> yeah they are. another security breach to tell you about this morning. this o is not targeting the president but a member of his
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cabinet. how police say a man conned his way in to a federal building. we told you about the changes president obama wants to make when it comes to screening air passengers but will they make any difference? we will talk to the homeland security expert next. ciui
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details now on a breach at the department of health and human services. >> investigators say a man claimed to be a secret service agent and then almost got to the office of the secretary before he was arrested. >> saturday a baltimore man whose name and face were on a banned list walks in the department of health and human services, flashes phony credentials and motions he is carrying a gun saying he is a secret service needing to talk to the health and human services secretary. he gets to the lobby just
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outside of his office. >> obviously that shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: an employee recognized the man and he was eventually arrested. >> the first thing i thought of is we have got a bunch of pretenders here teaching terrorists how to do it. >> reporter: eleanor holmes norton says the latest breach is alarming but not surprising. last summer the government accountability office issued a scathing report, especially about the use of contract security guards. gao investigators have been about to walk in to ten federal buildings carrying bomb-making materials, liquid explosives and detonators and said they found security guards sleeping on the job. the head of the federal detective services promised to beef up training. >> they are so poorly trained that all you do is go through holes in the security. >> reporter: they issued a statement saying this was a
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troubling incident and hhs has taken immediate corrective actions. >> we have to take the system and take it apart and put it back together again. we have begun with hearings to do it. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> those hearings began -- homeland security as obviously got a full plate lately. as for the man accused of posing as a secret service agent he has a court date on monday. >> thank you. back to the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines flight on christmas day. after accepting blame for failed security lapses, president obama announced if steps to keep our country safe. the deputy director of the george washington university homeland security policy institute and he is joining us with more. i should say the institute is, as you described it, a think tank on issues just like what
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we have seen, huge security. now the president has come out with recommendations. also really blunt, that word was used. what about the timing of the announcement? what was your reaction to the incident and the fallout since. >> just like after any major incident, especially where there is failures it is necessary. i'm heartened to see president took bold move to get the leaders together in a white house situation room and publicly announce what steps he's directed, his agency has to take. i will say, however, this doesn't make up for the fact his president and his senior administration officials were notably absent in the three days following this incident. >> is it a matter of hunkering down and figuring out what happened? why would we take so long to hear from our leaders? >> that's a great explanation. what the president of the united states has to realize is he has a responsibility to the public and for the public he
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was doing nothing those three days. having been to the white house myself, i know they were working night and day following the incident to focus on the incident. unfortunately you need to reassure the public as well. >> reporter: as a member of a group that looks at these issuesall the time. how huge was this on christmas day. what would this have meant. it is the biggest thing since 9/11. >> i would view it as the greatest security threat since 9/11. at no time before have we had a terrorist come this close to our homeland and detonate a weapon. this is unbelievable. now there are many actions that need to be taken following this. the key is to make thursday they are implemented. the president directed john brennan to oversee the implementation of a these recommendations. i have done hurricane reaction
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for president bush's homeland security adviser and we did 125 recommendation and it took us three years to implement following huck huck. this is -- hurricane katrina and this is no small task. >> we now how quickly something like this can come together. we know he may have had al- qaeda ties but with can we wait three years? >> now at least the president knows many classified details of what the actual failures were. we have to assume they have their arms around this. we will not know anytime soon the classified details from this. but from what we can glean in the public record there were multiple fingers and it can be pointed at multiple agencies for failures. we have to make sure these are implemented. >> we have heard the phrase and we have grown tired of it frankly, the connect the dots phrase but that's what you are talking an. we have all of these agencies. who's talking to whom here and how big of a problem was it
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when it came to identifying the suspects. >> the 9/11 commission called for connecting the dots. and the national counterterrorism center was created to do that. in this case we see there were failures. they didn't nominate people to be put on the watch list. we can never assume 100% success by our intelligence community. it is an unrealistic assumption. what we need is a multilayered defense assuming we can never reduce it to zero by having multiple levels and enhanced airport security is one of those levels that is a sec line of defense if that intelligence fails. >> reporter: do you think we will see much of an inconvenience to the normal traveler in the days after this, the months and years. >> we should expect a continued inconvenience we have had since 9/11 because with that comes
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security. thank you for shedding light on this. >> thank you very much. we have an update on a story of a missing baby boy. -month-old gabriel johnson last seen in texas late last month. his mother took him there from arizona where she said she gave him to a couple she did not know. she was arrested and now another couple who tried to adopt him have been named as persons of interest in the case. they may know more than they are telling investigators. the smiths say they have cooperated with police. thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry stolen out of homes in broad daylight. we will show you where, in our area, it is happening. plus, holly is shopping for antiques this morning. that's an odd segue this morning but i assume you are doing nothing illegal. >> i'm not lifting, i'm shopping for antiques. we are live and do you know
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what an antique is? and how do you know it is really what antique dealers say it is. we will have the details later in the hour. now look at today's trivia question. according to the annual associated press vote of newspaper and brdcast executives, what was voted the top news story of 1995, was it the oklahoma city bombing, the breakup of yugoslavia, the o.j. simpson verdict or the introduction of windows 95. the answer is coming up later. if you want to take a guess now, head to our facebook page and give it a
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. . some other stories making headlines this friday morning. a deadly shooting at a power plant in st. louis. police say a disgruntled work wrapped up in a pension dispute
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showed up at the plant killing three and wounding five others. s.w.a.t. team searched for the man and his body you found at the scene. police say the turned the gun on himself. an update on a disturbing discovery in rock creek park we reported on yesterday. police are working on new theory about the man's body found by firefighters. they think the victim fell based on the injuries he had. they do not suspect foul play. fire officials say the body is not related to a fire at the pennsylvania avenue brunch in georgetown. homes usually get burglarized at night but thieves are hitting homes there in the middle of the day. they broke in to a dozen houses since november and the number of break ins is growing. in most cases the thieves make you have with jewelry but they have also stolen thousands in cash. investigators say many of the robberies happened 2:30 in the afternoon. they managed to get in to a white house state dinner
9:26 am
without an invite. now they are hosting a gig in vegas. details coming up. arenas is suspended but he may not be the only player in trouble. what do the fans think of this? we have checking in with the sports junkies next. right
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here's a story that's getting a lot of attention this morning foreign policy crashing parties to throwing them the salahis are going to vegas. they accepted an invitation to host a party at caesar's palace. it is on january 16th. not the white house but a high profile celebrity spot. here's a poster which was posted on the couple's facebook page. white house crashers. the couple will reportedly get $5,000 for the event. >> that's not a lot. >> not at all.
9:30 am
>> especially considering how much money -- >> i can see why they are doing it. they need the money and i can see why vegas, hey do that, notable notorious people and they do this all the time. >> 15 minutes, a it will million longer. >> i would have thought they would hold out for more. >> they got a lot of money to pay to people. >> vegas. >> any way, well, things are improving weather wise outside. earlier this morning we were hit with some snowfall, heavy in some areas, moderate to light in other areas and now take a look. you can see it out there. it is pretty out there now. it wasn't so pretty, though on the streets and that's because it caused slick spots and still is doing so and a little challenge for drivers this morning with the commute. here's a look at max hd radar for you.
9:31 am
not a lot hanging around. it will toll the south as we can see and as far as the east is concerned things are greatly -- have greatly improved. look at true view nd show you the big picture some rain associated with it so the southeast. the temperatures there are warmer. let's go to the weather map. advisories and warnings to talk about. weather advisory for the west high land and panhandleton until saturday and the warning as well until saturday at 1:00. hree to seven inches of total snowfall before it is said and done. still having to deal with that. 25 gaithersburg. baltimore 27 and the same at dulles, but we are going to see all of that moisture out there and especially on untreated roads start to get on the dicey side. look at overnight tonight. bundle up if you are heading
9:32 am
out. in the teens and low 20s pretty much everywhere and that means the moisture will freeze and we are talking about ice. so, we have to keep an eye on the slick spots out there. especially on untreated surfaces. watch for the slick spots. temperatures below freezing in those areas and tonight, a lot of caution on bridges, overpasses, untreated streets and sidewalks. be careful if you are heading out anywhere. this is a bit of a hazard. arctic air is settling in. remember last week? repeat performance. gusty winds. it will be really uncomfortable. saturday we are talking 30 degrees with a few clouds. sunday more sunshine and dip down to 29 degrees and once again we are talking about very cold lows. the five-day forecast, winds will pick up by this afternoon. gusting to 30 miles an hour. windy conditions and very cold as we head, as well.
9:33 am
quiet during the week but temperature-wise will be a challenge to stay warm. >> thank you. a fire in montgomery county. sky fox is live over the scene in laytonsville where a home on hollands river drive caught fire shortly after 7 this morning. you see what is left now. it took firefighters an hour to put the fire out. we're told two women in the home were taken to med star for smoke inhalation. one of them has minor burns. gilbert arenas is under investigationor bringing four guns in the locker room. the picture led to a suspension. according to the associated press his teammates may face fines for laughing as gilbert pretended his hands were guns and there is speculation that the ownership plans to trade players and rebuild the team.
9:34 am
they have removed a huge banner from arenas outside of the verizon center. of coursely it's been a busy week in the world of sports with arenas ' suspension and mike shanahan being named new coach. we have gilbert arenas. i know you have been taking a lot of calls an the question raise i by somer thompson saying it is taken too seriously. it was not a joke and others are saying it is not taking it seriously enough. >> i think listeners are solidly against it. i think it is overblown myself. a little finger thing there. it was inappropriate, i get it but they haven't actually punished him for bringing in weapons yet. a lot of listeners are saying
9:35 am
if i did this in my job i would be fired. there is not much sympathy for arenas. we think he should be suspended, not 20 to 40 games but maybe ten games. >> i don't have a job that pays me $147,000 every time i show up like arena does. if i had that sort of gig i would try to do everything within my power to keep those checks rolling in. obviously he didn't care about that. he wanted to be crazy and wacky. >> it does seem the nba suspension, for example, i think it is pretty cle were going to wait and then the commissioners, once that picture came out and, you know, gilbert is tweeting about all of this it became clear he is not taking it seriously himself. >> that's the problem. >> he is not showing remorse. >> can the league suspend someone for immaturity to the point where people are talking
9:36 am
about he will never play for the wizards again. they are going to void the contract. he won't play at least this year again. for being immature, really? is that what we are going to do? i think it is an overreaction. >> it is all about the image put out when y play for the nba and the image of him shooting his teammates is the wrong image he wants spread on the internet. >> you can't control the actions of every single player 100% of the time. >> to touch n one thing people brought up. they are not a good team with or without arenas. you talked about them breaking up the team. they better do something. >> can you guard wade? >> if i can make a tenth of that money i'd give it a shot. certainly would. i'm very eager to get your take on this. me, personally i think it is a good move. he's a serious coach. the team needs discipline of whatever is left of the
9:37 am
redskins come next week season. they need discipline and someone who's going to keep people together. what do you think of this hire. >> it is a great hire. proven winner. >> the best hire dan snyder has made in ten years. a lot of people thought gibbs was going to win the super bowl. i don't think that super bowl, but he has been out of the game one year and i think it is a good move especially with bruce allen as the executive. >> i will say this without question it is an upgrade. anytime you have them it is an upgrade but there are red flags here. 14 seasons outside of the super bowl run he won one playoff game and went 500 or less seven times. so the guy is not going to automatically come in and book 12 wins. it is still a process. >> all of you redskins kool-aid drinkers there is not a super
9:38 am
bowl run in 2010. it is maybe going to happen someday under shanahan but don't think it will happen in 2010. >> good talking to you. >> we missed you. where have you been? >> i have to come in. >> always good to have their input on all of the sports stories. we appreciate having them this morning. >> they are always fun. >> yeah, they are. a primetime shake-up coming to a major network. what is happening to jay leno's show. >> this big in a lot of ways. planning is underway at the national zoo. why the city will be invited to party with the pandas. why you will be invited to party with the pandas ♪ [ music ] ♪ & what kind of world do you want &&. >> reporter: look at the trivia
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question of the day -- .
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a scheduling shake-up at nbc could put jay leno back in a familiar time slot, in a familiar place as well, late night. nbc is considering a scenio that would incude a half hour leno show at 11:35 pushing "the tonight show" to 12:05. the changes could come after the winter olympics. big doings on late night.
9:43 am
congratulations to the crimson tide. they are the national champions of college football. they knocked off texas in the bcs national championship game. texas quarterback mccoy was knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury on his team's first possession. ingram ran for 116-yards for two touchdowns and the alabama coach became the first coach in the modern era to win two national titles with two different teams. he won with lsu back in the 2003 season. >> all right. are you ready for this? hard to believe. elvis fans gathering at graceland to wish the king a happy birthday. today would have been elvis ' 75th birthday. >> there are a couple of events in dc honoring the king's 75th. exhibit of newspaper photos is at the dc public library and a portrait gallery show has a gold bust of elvis and about
9:44 am
1933 stamp that became the most popular of all time. a 1933 stamp. that must be a misprint. >> when i saw that, i didn't understand. >> i thought, well, maybe you would know what it meant. >> happy birthday to the king. >> i can't imagine elvis at 75. >> i think he would have gone through the period he was in when he died and evolved in to a lean, fit elvis. i do. >> maybe. maybe. >> gotten rid of the people around him who weren't good people. >> the mafia. >> yeah, that's why believe. i don't know. there's a big celebration in the planning phase for a dc favorite. is he sleeping, tai shan will get his sleep on. a live look at the panda cam. not sure if that is tai shan or his mom or dad but tai shan is set to head to china at the end of the month.
9:45 am
a farewell party is planned for january 30th an we will let you know when details are reeased. >> the zoo will have a guy in a panda suit after he goes. >> 1993 for the stamp, just learned that. >>the other story. >> yeah. >> you know how you do ask the weather guy. and i love that segment so much. so i have gone in the powers that be and guess what is being unveiled, ask allison. >> a knockoff of what we do. >> not a knock off. in this segment we will talk about what you do, you are two men. i'm inviting you, the viewer to go -- on our website,, you'll see the segment under mornings. it is a little line that says ask allison. your questions thereby taken to
9:46 am
a -- will be taken to an e-mail page and ask me whatever you like. for those who watch. >> no weather question mrs. . >> i'm a mom, i have three kids. been married about ten years. have to wake up and be here every day, i'm a working mom. i love to bargain shop. anything you want to ask, ask it away. >> she answered one of our weather guy questions one time and did a great job. >> we have heard about the potential dangers of cell phones but now a possible benefit from the cell phone waves. what it may help. . every year thousands of
9:47 am
young people get much-needed help from mentors who give their time to make a difference. tune in on monday morning to learn how to volunteer your time and ake a big difference in a child's life. it is a great thing to do. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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there's word now that talking on your cell phone may help prevent and reverse alzheimer's disease. >> researchers found electromagnetic waves associated with cell phone use erased protein deposits in lab mice, which are the hallmark of alzheimer's. >> we're not saying that everyone should be spending hours on their cell phone right now. what we are saying is that the cell phone use is probably fairly safe, and that if we use
9:51 am
those or perhaps other frequencies of electromagnetic fields that we could very well be getting some benefits that could include the treatment of alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: the cellphone waves boosted the memories of normal mice also. >> at issue here is we don't know what to take from these different studies. the arts center is hosting the 50th washington antique show, i think the 55th i believe. >> holly is here now and she can clear that up for us. it. >> is the 55th. you are right. american university, something old, who does that remind me of. oh, tony i'm not saying you are an antique but priceless. >> oh, thank you. >> you are worth a lot. >> all in how you look at it. as far as you know that's what i mean [ laughter ] >> if you come out to the show you will indeed see fine things and sara davis, who is a former
9:52 am
chair knows all about that and people maybe surprised at the fine things they see because not everyone realizes that books are antiques and very popular. >> many are out of print, and we have, this booth is completely crowded. it's a great place to find a unique book you couldn't find anywhere else. it is probably one of the most popular dealers. >> i like rare books myself and it is inexpensive. >> it is an antique you may not have to finance. >> reporter: talk about the history of the show and how it came to be such a prominent show. >> it happened with two chairs of the theft shop charities went to new york in 1955 with the first new york antique show, charity show, saw that and decided to come back and start their own. we started one year after new york. and as a matter of fact, one of the chairs who's liz dunn died
9:53 am
this year at 103, but she was very active with the show-n- tell. i think it is that sort of continuity that made the show so great. >> reporter: another thing that makes the show so great are the premier dealers here, 44 around the nation and as far as europe. but george from westport, connecticut. >> yes, i did. >> we are drawn to your area because we hear that your table has a famous connection. >> it is actually a ring table which was originally designed to check rings and file receipts. but this one happened to be used in gracen and company which is dickens publishers. >> so you know this table is used by charles dickens. >> i was told by former daughter of the head will have the smithsonian institute for 30 years.
9:54 am
>> i am glad you phrased it that way. >> inside is this card that's been there since the early 20th century. >> oh, wow. >> let's talk about prominence. because prominence is really important to the value of an antique. >>absolutely. it is who owned it. who it was made for. who was it used by and the rarity of the object itself, which ring tables are very rare and this being used in a room of gracen and company where supposedly charles diens went and probably corrected his manuscripts and they said he sat at it. >> so how do you go about getting the prominence of an object. >> from the people you buy it from, some history they give you with it. you can sometimes trace things back. and, you know, it's a good
9:55 am
thing to have, but to my mind, prominence is important but the object is more important. if it is an ugly piece of furniture, or object, and has a great history it is interesting but it has to be great. >> reporter: in ten seconds or less, tell me what is an antique? >> an antiq is something that is usually made by hand that is, you know, hand crafted, has great woods, great designs, if it is an antique piece of furniture and made in the style of the period it was supposedly made for. this is regency, around 1810. >> reporter: how much would the table be worth? >> a 5 -- $55,000. >> i can afford the dickens table before the silver platter downstairs and i like this. but don't tell him i said that. is our website. we have a link to the show. $15 for single day ticket and 11:00 this morning.
9:56 am
11:00 is the start time. it is open until 00. children 12 and under are free. and so is parking. back to you. >> thank you. >> fantastic. >> thank you, holly. back in a moment. >> we have the answer to the trivia question next.
9:57 am
okay, agn well quick summarizing ittake 1milion dolln dollars, does that make sense tt expensive attorney i've ever met in my life. yocan get it down a zero down payment which is etty easily done. prop
9:58 am
9:59 am
time for the answer to the trivia question -- all of our facebook fans, 13 people guessed the o.j. simpson verdict. two guessed windows 95. no one guessed the oklahoma city bombing. i'm surprised by that. although i also guessed t


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